Coscharis Motors Plc, a foremost automobile dealer and sole distributor of Ford vehicles in Nigeria is offering free service to her customers who purchase a brand new Ford car. Although, itself still reeling from the effect of the global economic doldrums caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Coscharis Motors Plc still finds it expedient to support her Ford customers in their drive towards navigating out of the economic recession. This, the auto dealer hopes to achieve through her Free Service Pack offer. Announcing the offer, Felix Mahan who is the Brand Manager, Ford, at Coscharis Motors said, “This is our token to support our teaming Ford customers by minimizing



 the cost of vehicle ownership for those who have refused to buckle under the weight of the global economic recession, occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic, but have resolved to go further and vie for opportunities to help pull their businesses and by extension our nation, out of the proverbial economic woods.”

The free service offer is available at all Coscharis Motors Plc showrooms and offices spread throughout the country and all Quick Lane centers alike. The promo which started on September 1st is valid till December 31st 2020. Any customer who purchases a brand new Ford car from Coscharis Motors during the promo period gets a free service pack which covers vehicle service parts and labour, for 12 months or 16,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

Mahan further said, “At Coscharis Motors, we don’t just sell the car, we back it up with world class after-sales service. All our service centers are manned by certified professional technicians equipped with latest tools and using only genuine OEM parts and lubricants. These are the people who will administer this free service offer and other services as required by our valued customers, to keep their vehicle working optimally throughout its life span. 

This is not the first time that Coscharis is supporting her new car customers with free after-sales services. Recall that in the recent past, Coscharis offered her customers a free service pack called Extended Service Plan (ESP) which offered free service for four years or 120,000km. The ESP helped many Ford owners to drastically minimize the cost of ownership of their Ford cars in those days.

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Coscharis Group recently upgraded its Corporate and Brand Portfolio’s digital platforms in order to reposition its mode of doing business now and in the nearest future especially given business trends in the post COVID 19 era in Nigeria. Subsequently, the company has broadened its social media channels and interactivity of its respective websites to be more customer-centric.

The Group’s objective is to bridge the gap that is being created by the expectation that a chunk of our business relationship management will be transacted through digital strategies going forward.

According to Abiona Babarinde, General Manager, Marketing & Corporate Communications, Coscharis Group, it is imperative that any business planning to remain relevant must key into the digital divide especially to be able to reach the growing aspiration generation on the one hand and the now teeming target market traversing into the digital platform given the COVID-19 saga.

Furthermore, the General Manager stated that these channels are geared toward enabling customers, prospects, and aspirers to engage with our brands from the comfort of their homes. 

To ensure engagement, the self-help feature has been upgraded on the corporate website to enable visitors remotely reach out to us and receive immediate feedback. In addition, each brand now has its bespoke website aside the Coscharis group website. This makes tailored searches easier especially since you can link back and forth from the website to the social media page. 

Customers, prospects and aspirers are encouraged to follow these handles as we intend to push a lot of sales, service and lifestyle offers via these platforms. “It is an opportunity for followers to get fresh updates and rewards from our respective brands as well as useful management insights from the President of Coscharis Group, Dr Cosmas Maduka.”

Given the market positioning of our brands, we have also discovered that there are so many misleading and fraudulent social media handles related to these brands, hence the organization has decided to update all its official accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for now.

For purposes of accuracy you can follow us on @Coscharis_Group, @Landrover_NG, @JaguarNG, @BMW_NG, @Quicklaneng, @Ford_Coscharis, @renaultnigeria, @rollsroycecarslagos.

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Sequel to Dr Cosmas Maduka’s emergence as the winner of Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 award for the West Africa region, he officially joined the “EY World Entrepreneur of the Year” Class of 2020 along with 46 other exceptional entrepreneurs from 41 countries across the globe.

The global event, originally scheduled to hold as a live audience participatory event in Carlo, Monaco, held as a first ever live virtual EY award ceremony in partnership with CNBC due to the travel restrictions occasioned by the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic across the world.

The award is not only designed to celebrate and honour the contributions and achievements of successful entrepreneurs but also serves to inspire today’s successful entrepreneurs, so they can share their incredible entrepreneurial stories stated Ashish Bakhshi, Leader at EY (West Africa).

While Dr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw from India, emerged the global stage award winner, Dr Maduka was acclaimed to have made the top list of the highest ranked award winners in EY’s People’s Choice with viewers reaching 1.7m across 124 countries and still growing as at the award day. According to Stasia Mitchell, Entrepreneurship Leader at EY (Global Growth Markets), “this was the first time we asked the people to vote on the award winner who most inspired them. The voting was meant to be a fun, engaging way to get to know the class of 2020 better”.

He stated further it was no surprise that Dr Maduka and the Coscharis brand stood out so clearly. “This continues to show how inspiring you and your story are to so many around the world and it says a lot about how valuable your mission is. I can’t wait to meet you in person.”

An obviously elated Dr. Cosmas Maduka, President/CEO Coscharis Group, says, “I have utmost respect for all the finalists from different countries because each of us has a unique story to tell that resonates with the audience. It must have been a very difficult journey for the judges to arrive at their decision and we have to respect it because they have their criteria set. At the end of the day, if I had a choice, I would have given the global award to Dr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw still like the judges did.  It is really not easy to contend among men and she must have done something much better than the rest of us that stood her out in the mind of the judges.  I therefore congratulate her and all the finalists this year.”

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COVID – 19, COSCHARIS OPERATIONS IN LAGOS AND ABUJA REMAINS SHUT DOWN……..Akwa – Ibom and Anambra States operations now affected

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari in his briefing this evening to the citizens on the ongoing measures to curtail further spread of the COVID – 19 pandemic has directed an extension of the lockdown in Lagos, Ogun and Abuja  for another 14 days starting from tonight Monday 13 April, 2020.

As a follow up and as promised to continually update all our stakeholders (internal and external), our offices in both Lagos and Abuja remain closed in line with the directives of the Federal government. In addition, we have suspended our operations in Akwa – Ibom and Anambra states following the respective state government’s earlier directives.

All our customers are encouraged to make use of our other communication platforms earlier shared for any urgent and very important services that does not require physical visit in our offices in the affected locations as our relevant staff will continue to try and attend to your enquires from their various homes where necessary via phone and emails.

We continue to encourage all staff and customers alike to follow directives from relevant government authorities at this time on how to keep safe by staying at home amongst other medical advises to put a total stoppage to this pandemic that has affected every facets of our lives.

Coscharis group as an entity will continue to support the government as we are already doing during this period. 




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COVID – 19, COSCHARIS SHUTS DOWN UYO OPERATIONS.……in line with the State government directive

Following the official directive of the Akwa – Ibom State government to shut down all public and private institutions in the state starting from tomorrow, Friday 3 April, 2020, this is to officially announce the closing down of our Uyo branch for the next 14 days as directed by the state government. This is to further curtail further spread of the Corona virus in the state.

We hereby encourage our customers to make use of other communication platforms earlier shared for any urgent and very important services that does not require physical visit to our office as our relevant staff will try to attend to your enquires from their various homes where necessary via phone and emails.

In line with the promise to continue to monitor developments in states where we operate, the management hereby direct all staff in the Uyo branch to stay in their various homes for the next 14 days starting from Friday 3 April, 2020 while we await further directives from appropriate quarters. 

Again, we will keep to emphasize the need for both staff and all stakeholders alike to continue to follow all the necessary precautionary health measures as pronounced by the relevant government authorities to keep safe in this trying period of our time.

Coscharis group remains resolute that this corona virus that has been declared pandemic will be eradicated with the collective support of us all.





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COVID – 19, COSCHARIS SHUTS DOWN LAGOS AND ABUJA OPERATIONS.……in line with the Federal government directive

As promised to continually update both all our internal and external stakeholders as we monitor new developments in relations to the Corona virus issues in the country, we hereby announce the immediate closure of all our operations in Lagos and Abuja respectively. This is strictly in line with the Federal government directives as officially announced by Mr. President, Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday 29 March, 2020 as part of the government’s measures to curtail further spread in both Lagos State and Abuja.

While we shut down our offices in the two locations mentioned by 11.00pm on Monday 30 March, 2020 as directed by the Federal government, we encourage our customers to make use of other communication platforms earlier shared for any urgent and very important services that does not require physical visit to our offices as our relevant staff will try to attend to your enquires from their various homes where necessary via phone and emails.

With the above pronouncement, the management has directed that work ends by 3.00pm today Monday March 30, 2020 to enable staff to equip themselves and their families during the stay at home period. Also, all staff in the two locations, i.e. Lagos State and Abuja are expected to stay in their various homes for the next 14 days from Tuesday March 31, 2020 while we await further directives from appropriate quarters. We shall continue to monitor developments in other states where we operate as we remain committed to adhering to all relevant authorities’ directives as a responsive and responsible organization especially to support all initiatives to put a total stop and eradicate this virus from our country.  

More importantly at this time, we can’t over – emphasize the need for both our staff and all stakeholders alike to continue to follow all the necessary precautionary health measures as pronounced by the relevant government authorities to keep safe in this trying period of our time (reference to the attachment as a reminder).

Coscharis group remains resolute that this corona virus that has been declared pandemic will be eradicated with the collective support of us all. 



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Following the recent global outbreak of the Corona virus that has been declared as pandemic by the World Health Organization, the respected Nigerian conglomerate, Coscharis Group is urging all her customers, staff and stakeholders not to panic but take precautionary and safety measures as instructed by the WHO and the Nigerian Center for Diseases Control.

In the words of the President of Coscharis Group, Dr. Cosmas Maduka, ‘’ we have been following with great details the global developments as it relates to the Covid – 19 health situation which is really unprecedented that has brought the whole world to a standstill. As a responsible corporate entity, we are heeding to government and the health institutions’ advice to ensure the safety of our assets whom are our staff and all our entire stakeholders.  We have therefore put in place critical safety precautions in line with required guidelines across all our facilities and business concerns. In line with the Lagos State Governor’s directives, all our Lagos based offices have been directed to drastically scale down number of their staff that will be coming to the office to achieve the required social distance directives while others work from home to be able to continually deliver value for all our stakeholders’’. 

Some of the measures already put in place are the hand – held scanners to check the temperature of all visitors and staff coming in and out of all our facilities. Automatic and manual dispensers in all touch points within all our locations. Consistent cleaning of critical areas of all our buildings where human traffic occurs. Likewise, all offshore business trips for staff has been put on hold while the foreign partners has equally been advised to stay in their various countries for the period till further notice.

During this challenging period, while we would be exploring options that will reduce physical engagements where it is necessary, to the barest minimum otherwise, we encourage our customers and stakeholders to utilize other platforms like telephones, emails and our website as credible options to engage for our services.

Coscharis group stand by all the efforts of the government to control the spread of this unfortunate virus and encourages every citizens and foreigners alike to remain responsible as we believe this is just a phase that will soon fade away in our lifetime.


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With love in the air having Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the leading auto dealer organization, Coscharis Motors PLC is set to delight customers and prospects with special gifts of love across its entire line up of its iconic automobile brands including BMW, Jaguar Land Rover and Ford from now till end of February, 2020 across her dealerships nationwide.

With the theme “Gifting Your Partner Something Truly Special”, Coscharis Motors is offering compelling various discounts on these brands with an all inclusive minimum 3 – 5 years free service on the BMW and Land Rover brands. For instance, you can pick up a brand new BMW from N15M.

Additional offers include free registration, trade-in options together with complimentary first year insurance package.

According to Abiona Babarinde, General Manager, Marketing and Corporate Communications, Coscharis Group, “in order to further deliver the excitement that resonates with a special day like the Valentine day, we are throwing open our showrooms in both Lagos and Abuja to our loyal customers and prospects alike to come and celebrate their love in style and immerse themselves into a world of automobile luxury on the 14th of February 2020 while they have drinks in the house”. A special couple’s drive experience is available to first four customers in Abuja for a memorable test drive to have a feel of our iconic cars other offerings for possible purchase.

Furthermore, joining us at our open day on the 14th of February 2020, offers you the opportunity to seat with our professional Sales team and spec any of your preferred vehicle with special rebate on accessories and lifestyles requested amongst other offerings.

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Coscharis Group through one of its subsidiaries, Coscharis Motors representing some respected iconic auto brands in Nigeria ended the year with recognition awards on some of its brands and personnel. It was a glorious day for the leading auto dealer giant, Coscharis Motors at the recently held award event organized by the Nigerian Auto Journalists Association at the Eko Hotels and Towers, Lagos. The automobile company carted home two awards with the Range Rover Autobiography winning the Luxury SUV of the year award while the General Manager, Marketing and Corporate Communications, Abiona Babarinde was also recognized as the Media / PR Manager of the Year award respectively.

The award for the luxury SUV category was keenly contested with other tested luxury brands but the Range Rover Autobiography came tops according to the organizers after strong consideration of the market acceptance of the Range Rover Autobiography in all ramifications. The Range Rover Autobiography variant has its special appeal and style that resonates with its priority audience when it comes to class, comfort and performance. Presenting the award to Mr. Abiona Babarinde who represented Coscharis Group at the event, the Assistant Corp Marshal, Federal Road Safety Corps, Mr Samuel Obayemi who stood in for the Corp Marshal of the FRSC, Dr. Boboye Oyeyemi, equally applauded the choice of the Range Rover Autobiography as the winning brand in this category as he confirmed that it is revolutionary, reliable and a class on its own when it comes to luxury in the Sport Utility Vehicle segment. He equally commended Coscharis Motors for maintaining the global standard of positioning the brand overtime to the ever dynamic Nigerian market as the sole franchisee of the Jaguar LandRover brand in Nigeria.

Likewise, Coscharis Motors’ efforts in the luxury segment of the automobile industry was duly recognized at another award event organized by The Nigerian Automotive Industry Award where the Jaguar XJ was awarded the Luxury Car of the Year. 

Commenting on these awards, the expectedly elated President of Coscharis Group, Dr. Cosmas Maduka dedicated the awards to the organization’s ever loyal customers for their consistence patronage and acceptance of the brands over the years with a promise to continually create more value in the automobile industry in Nigeria across board. In his words, ‘’there can’t be another best way to end a very challenging business year in 2019 than with these set of prestigious awards as recognition to some hard work made possible by our hard working team members across board who despite all odds has consciously strive to deliver value for money at all times for the benefit of our numerous stakeholders. We do cherish all these awards that came our way especially coming from the ever conscious and professional media partners that has been part of the success story of the Coscharis brand from the beginning in Nigeria and beyond’’.

The ever exciting annual NAJA award ceremony that usually brings stakeholders in the automobile industry together under one roof expectedly lived up to its billings with industry players from both the private and public sectors fully represented. 

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