Hardly does anyone like plunking down money to shop for new sets of tires; this is because It takes time and costs money.  Regardless of the size of the vehicle, tires are a huge investment that can last as long as possible.  However, longevity is based on regular care and maintenance of the tire tread, tire pressure, wheel balance, alignment, and rotation.  These maintenance habits tend to extend the life of your tires and improve your car’s ride so your car can run as efficiently as possible.

Here’s a look at some quick maintenance tips that can make your tires last longer and improve your safety on the highway today;

Practice Good driving habits

Your driving habits come first in having a stable tire.  Fast starts, fast turns, and speeding and fast stops tend to cause more tire wear.  These acts also heat the rubber and cause a faster breakdown.  This also includes the apparent acts such as bumping and slamming speedily into curbs, potholes, logs, and rocks.  These incidents might not puncture the tire, but constant scraping and slamming against curb and potholes will constantly wear down the rubber until it eventually gives out — probably sooner rather than later.

Regular Check-Up

Often, most damage done to car tires goes unnoticed, and it’s not until the tire begins to fail that most car owners notice the crack, leak, or puncture.  However, you can proactively recognise these damages by inspecting the tires every few weeks for such damage.  Once the damage is noticed, you can get your tire repaired before it fails.  Look out for bulging pockets on the sidewall, Nails and screws, Gouges and scrapes on time so you can repair it on time.  This is a critical component of extending the life of all your tires.

keep up with your wheel balance, rotation, and alignment services

Have you ever noticed your steering wheel vibrates or the car seats shake when your vehicle reaches speeds of 60-70 miles per hour (mph)?  If this occurs, then there’s a problem with your tires.

Wheel alignment, tire balance, and regular tire rotations are vital maintenance requirements that will maximize your tires’ life and provide a safer driving experience.  For instance, the wheel balance has to do with how each tire sits to the vehicle.  Usually, these tires become unbalanced due to the typical wear and tear or from driving in rough road conditions.  On the other hand, wheel alignment refers to the tires’ relation to one another; thus, it is essential in keeping the vehicle driving straight and balanced.  Otherwise, the vehicle will pull to one side, with excessive wear on either side of the tire.  Quite similar to balance and alignment, keeping up with tire rotation for every 7,000 miles will ensure all four tires are wearing down evenly.  For every tire rotation, it is recommended that you also check your wheel alignment.


Stay On Top of your Tire Pressure

Another great way to extend the life of your tires is to check your tire pressure every couple of weeks.  Naturally, Tires lose a little bit of air over time, especially during the cold season, but it fluctuates midway into the fall and spring, making it necessary to do a check a little more often.  Checking it lets you maintain the correct air pressure to decrease wear and tear and reduce the risk of a blowout.

Keep Your Tires Clean

Tires are naturally tough, but you should take the time to occasionally clear the rough debris, mud, sand, and gravel from your tires to reduce the wear on the tire surface, which could affect their ability to stay firmly on the ground in an emergency. Consider a budget friendly and credible product such as the Abro Siliconized tire shine  after washing your tires to prevent dirts from accumulating on the surface once you get back on the road.

Millions of cars ply the road daily, and regardless of their size or brand, they have one thing in common -tires to ride on.  These tires come in different kinds; some are small, plain, and inexpensive for passenger vehicles, and some are big, expensive as a 24-inches with flashy rims.  What matters is how durable these tires last up for you, and it all comes down to how you intentionally maintain them because even the cheapest tires can last long if you imbibe healthy maintenance habits to them.


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