It was another brilliant outing for one of the leading auto giant in Nigeria, Coscahris Motors Plc through its local assembly arm of the business, Coscharis Assembly Plant as it carted home the award of the Outstanding Auto Assembling Company of the Year at this years’ Marketing Edge 10th anniversary Summit and Awards held recently in Lagos.

Coscharis Assembly Plant which is a Semi – Knocked Down (SKD) plant located at the group head office of Coscharis Group at Awoyaya, Lagos currently assembles iconic brands like the Ford and Renault. Specifically, the plant assembles the Ford Ranger, Renault Duster and Logan respectively.

Receiving the award on behalf of the Company, the General Manager, Marketing and Corporate Communications, Coscharis Group, Abiona Babarinde dedicated the award to customers that believed in the locally assembled vehicles produced from the plant with their patronage over the years. In his words, “this award is to reconfirm the pedigree of Coscharis Motors as a leading player to reckon with when it comes to setting standards in the automotive industry in Nigeria. This is another confirmation and endorsement by the marketing media sector as pace setter of Coscharis’ positive contribution to the growth of the automotive industry in Nigeria. This award is dedicated to all our numerous customers for their patronage and also to our partners (Ford and Renault brands) for believing in us to deliver locally assembled vehicles in our country that meets the global standard of their various brands”.

The Coscharis Assembling Plant remains one of the surviving local assembly plants in Nigeria despite the challenging business environment. The Company has resolved to turn all the challenges to opportunities in delivering local contents by way of setting standards when it comes to local assembling of respected automobile brands in Nigeria for Nigerians at affordable prices without compromising the global standard and quality. 

About Coscharis Motors Assembly Plant

Coscharis Motors Plc started the assembly of Semi –Knocked Down (SKD) vehicles in 2015 when the Nigeria government introduced the New Automotive Policy. It started temporarily at their Ikeja facility with JoyLong buses which is an eighteen seater bus and Ford Ranger which are pickups of 4×4 double cabin, 4×2 double cabin and 4×2 single cabin respectively. It was later moved to the ultra-modern main Plant located at the Group head office, Awoyaya, Lekki – Epe Expressway, Lagos in the year 2017; when they included Renault Duster 4×4, 4×2 SUV and also Renault Logan which is a saloon car. The production capacity of the main assembly plant stands at about 90 vehicles per day but the current production has painfully been reduced to about 10 vehicles per day which is due to so many factors like lack of conducive business environment, lack of infrastructure, inconsistent policy support, low patronage of locally assembled vehicles in Nigeria amongst others. Staff strength for the Assembly plant is 86 (74 Nigerians and 12 expatriates). There are aftersales facilities for the brands in all the major cities of the country where original parts from partner OEMs are stocked.

At full capacity running, the assembly plant will be able to fill in the gap of imported used vehicles into the country and by extension influence the delivery of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in the automotive industry with other brands opening similar plants like we presently experience in South Africa with a better conducive business environment. Taking into consideration the multiple expected implication of generating more employment and opportunities for Nigerians to own cheaper vehicles that are produced specifically for the terrain with the ready market advantage of over 200million population.

Michael Ikiebe

Marketing and Corporate Communications Executive

+234 – 808 – 389 – 4956

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Simple and Healthy Recipe with Rice

Bet you are tired of eating the regular white rice and stew almost daily as a typical Nigerian. You probably think the white rice and stew combo is the only recipe you can make with rice. Well, this is untrue as there are several healthy recipes you can create with rice. 

 Rice can be either the central component of a meal or a side dish. Here are 3 Healthy rice meals guaranteed to make your taste bud long for more.


  1.  Beans and Rice

This classic combination can be paired with stew or sauces (  ata din-din, chicken stew, fish stew, or beef stew). Any type of beans can be used for this recipe, you can always explore and decide which you prefer.



1cup of beans

2 cups of rice

1 large Onion diced

Salt to taste 



  1. Pick your beans and get rid of dirt. 
  2. Rinse the beans and pour them into a pot; Cook for 15 minutes and rinse and change the water to cook.
  3. Add the diced onion to the beans, and leave it to cook for about 40-50 minutes or till you can easily crush it with your finger. 
  4. Rinse the rice thoroughly until the water is clear. Add the rinsed rice and salt into the beans pot. Add water if necessary.
  5. Reduce heat to medium-low heat and cook for 30 minutes without removing the lid.
  6. Fold your rice and beans together gently and serve with your desired sauce, soup or stew. Enjoy!


 2) Chicken Fried Rice – a veggie-filled dish is one of the healthiest options.


  • 4 cups of pre-cooked rice rice
  • 1 chicken breast ( cut into bite pieces)
  • 1 large green bell pepper (diced)
  • 1 large red bell pepper (diced)
  • 1 large 
  • 2 cups of diced carrot
  • 1 Onion bulb
  • ½ cup of frozen peas
  • 1 teaspoon of curry powder
  • ¼ teaspoon of thyme 
  • 4 cups of water
  • ¼ turmeric powder
  • 1 teaspoon minced garlic
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground pepper
  •  1/2 teaspoon minced scotch bonnet pepper (atarodo)
  • 1 cup fresh corn or canned sweet corn
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Salt to taste


  1. Cut the chicken into bite-size and set it aside.
  2. Preheat two tablespoons of oil, and add the chicken, atarodo, minced garlic, grounded ginger, and salt. Cook for about 5 minutes.
  3. Add the remaining oil and onions and cook till onions become translucent.
  4. Add the mixed veggies and grounded pepper and cook till heated through
  5. Stir in the curry powder, seasoning powder, thyme and minced
  6. Add the rice and cook, stirring continuously on medium heat until heated through
  7. Serve Hot

Anybody and everybody can eat this delicious and healthy recipe. It can be accompanied by fruit juice, zobo, Coscharis yoghurt drink etc

Car Care Tips During The Rainy Season

In Nigeria, the rainy season can be frustrating for road users, especially car owners, due to bad roads, traffic jams, and constant waterlogs. Unfortunately, the bad roads and drainage systems do not make it easy for vehicle owners. 

Regardless of these challenges, there are several precautions you can take to maintain and preserve the value and longevity of your vehicle. 

These safety precautions are guaranteed to keep yourself, passengers, other road users, and your car safe.


  1. Fix or Change your wiper

The wiper is frequent during the rainy season, unlike the dry season, where it is not used frequently. It is essential to check your wiper because it is made of rubber which can wear out quickly. It can result in scratches or uneven cleaning of the windshield.

Direct the airconditioner flow to your windshield to reduce the appearance of fog to enhance visibility

BONUS POINT: Keep your wiper liquid filled to the brim


  1. Check your headlight and Tailights

A clear visual is your primary goal during this period, although the heavy downpour can make this a challenge. But, with your headlight and taillight in good condition, you are good to go.

Sunlight causes your headlamps to get cloudy; this is why regular cleaning is vital to maintain its proper function.


Check for cracks and breakages to ensure water does not enter the headlights and cause unwanted fuses. If your light flickers when it is turned on, this is most likely a sign of changing its bulb.


  1. Check your batteries

Car battery issues are usually the most frequent problem motorists face during the rainy period leaving motorists stranded due to humidity and droplets splashing during this time. Therefore, if there is a greenish white powdery around the terminal of the battery, this is a sign of corrosion which can make the power to the car unstable.

You can leave the car hood open to avoid direct heat damage to the battery. Although a radiator helps cool down the system, leaving the car hood open makes the cooling process faster.


  1. Check your car brakes

Suppose there are any unusual sounds while braking, it is crucial to get it checked and fixed by professionals. 

Also, During the rainy period, brakes take a while to work adequately because water reduces friction between the tires and the road, which does not allow the car to stop at the appropriate time. This means overspeeding should be avoided to protect yourself and other road users.


  1. Line Car Floor with Plastic Footmat of Old Newspaper

A plastic foot mat or newspaper can save the stress of maintaining the vehicle’s interior from mud, moisture, and the damp smell, which is usually challenging to eliminate.


Other Tips

  • Roll windows up
  • Carry spares, e.g., tires, battery, fuse, cables, etc
  • Maintain proper distance from vehicles ahead of you
  • Always use headlights and taillights for better visual


The benefit of using starch on clothes is to give them a crisp and clean appearance. Spray starch is usually applied during the ironing process, which is easier. However, a downside to regular starch usage is that it reduces clothing life by breaking down the fabric. Two fabrics are not advisable to use Spray starch on

  • Silk: Avoid spray starch as it can result in a starch spot on the fabric and make it unnaturally hard.
  • Linen: Avoid using starch as it can make the fabric unnecessarily hard.

However, Spray Starch works better with cotton and cotton blend fabrics. Let’s delve into clothes Spray Starch works best for.

  • Dress Pants: Crease is visible down the middle of both legs. Spray Starch helps maintain the crease over time. Spray the starch on the crease, let it absorb into the fabric and iron in medium heat.
  • Dress Shirts: If you notice, the dress shirt collar loses its shape over time due to laundering. But, this is where the Spray Starch works best to prevent the collar from falling flat.



  • Always make sure your cloth is clean before application of Spray starch
  • Iron the fabric on medium heat to seal the starch into the material.
  • Avoid using Spray starch regularly and use a minimal quantity
  • Spray Starch works best with cotton and cotton blend materials.


Maintenance Tips: Preventing Rust on your car

Rusts – Not only are they ugly, they also result into take a toll on a lot more than your car’s appearance. From an ominous brown color stain on the fender or at the edges of your car, they can lowers the value of your car by eating away at the structure, ruining its functionality and costing you some money.

This unsightly ugly color unfortunately forms much more quickly than they are removed: with oxygen, water and road salt combining at the surface of any aspect of your car, they form, signifying the breakdown of iron-based materials on such a surface.

There are several kinds of rust that can develop on your car’s edges and surfaces. Surface rusts are likely to form when your car is constantly exposed to the Sun’s UV rays. Such exposure has the tendency to break down your car’s paint over time. Damages such as scratches, scrapes, dents and even bird droppings can make your car rust. In this instance, surface rust are removed using high-grade sandpaper or an abrasive wheel to grind it down until the paint and rust are gone, and shiny metal is exposed

However, when this rust is left untreated, it begins to expand and continues going deeper, creating “scales” and exposing the metal underneath and leaving holes in your car. Unfortunately, at this point, every option for correcting the problem won’t have an effective result. In most cases, you’ll need to have the entire panel replaced or have the corroded areas cut out and have patch panels welded into place. If the frame of your car is rusted, this will damage its structural integrity, making it unsafe to drive.

But, rusts can be largely avoidable. All you have to do is know how to prevent it effectively so you don’t waste money, time or get frustrated. Below are the precautionary steps that can help prevent rust in your car:

  1.   Wash your car regularly                                                   

This is like the simplest and general way of preventing rust. Although it might sounds simple, this step can make a huge difference in preventing rust. Washing your car once a week will help remove salt buildup and dirt on your car surface. This will reduce wear and tear by protecting the coat and paint layers from damages that might makes it easier for rust to sneak its way in. Therefore, ensure you regularly wash the exterior of your car and also the undercarriage of the car, including the wheel wells and bumpers.

  1.  Always keep an eye on the paint coatings.

As a car owner, it’s important to know that won’t stay in the same condition as the day you drove it from the dealer. Its beauty will deteriorate with time and the paints will get damaged over time. Once your car is open to water, to be specific – and rust can begin to form. However, by keeping an eye on the paint job or small spots of rust, you can quickly ensure timely care and proper maintenance which will keep its overall appearance intact.  Pay close attention to the condition of drain holes, water channels, and seals because once moisture collects here, rust can start to form unseen.

  1.  Regular Waxing Habits                                                                                                                                                                                     Ensure you wax your car at least twice a year. This is beneficial as it keep your car in the best possible condition such that your paint becomes new while your car gets an additional layer of protective barrier against harmful UV rays.                                   
  2.   Mop as it spills                                                                                                                                                                                                    You may be guilty of neglecting spills on the carper of your car. However, the longer you neglect it, the more detrimental it becomes to your car. Spills often sink into the metals of your car thereby causing a rust. You may not realize on time but the damage would have been done. So when next you spill a drink onto the floor of your car, make sure you clean it up immediately!                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  3. Protect Your Car from the Elements                                                                                                                                                                Another way to avoid rust is to prevent constant exposure of your car to sun or rain rather, ensure you park it under cover; more like a shade or garage. This cover will also protect it from bird drippings, which have certain chemicals that destroy the paint job and leave scratches for the rust to set in.

Other tips

          Avoid parking your car close to other cars in a car park

          Avoid placing heavy stuff on the roof of your car

          Try as much as possible to prevent driving over potholes and roads that are under construction.

          Avoid parking over gutters or areas where water is gathered as water can get to the car bottom and causes rust, weakening it from the outside)


Rust can turn out to be a serious issue and this is why it’s so important to learn how to prevent car rust. . Luckily, you can keep your vehicle rust-free with ease with these outlined tips. Do remember to periodically inspect your car for rust regardless of its brand or cost of purchase.   Once you notice a possible sign of rust, it’s important not to let it go.




It has come to our attention that imposter(s) and fraudulent individual(s) are impersonating our President, Dr. Cosmas Maduka, CON with the intent to defraud people online through a WhatsApp Group platform. We have received reports of a person using our President’s name and photograph to create a WhatsApp group to offer Ponzi schemes investment opportunities.
Please note:
Dr. Cosmas Maduka, CON, President / CEO of Coscharis Group did not create any of such WhatsApp groups, neither is he on any social media platforms for ‘investment schemes’
The number used for impersonating Dr. Cosmas Maduka, CON, and creating the fraudulent WhatsApp group is +234 904 484 5963

Consequently, Dr. Cosmas Maduka, CON will not be responsible to anyone that joins the fraudulent WhatsApp group for any investment motive.
Dr. Cosmas Maduka, CON reserves the right to take legal action, including criminal action against such individuals/entities.
Also attached is the screenshot of the fraudulent WhatsApp platform for the records.

Best Regards,

For Coscharis Group

Chito Ndubuisi,

Abiona Babarinde
Company Secretary GM,

Marketing and Corporate Communications
Coscharis Group Coscharis Group

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Rice is an important part of the diet for many people around the world

The benefits of eating rice

Rice is one of the most widely used and eaten foods in the world with over half of the population depending on it. Usually boiled or steamed, it is eaten everyday making it a central component of many meals and side dishes including those of India, China and Southeast Asia. This implies that without rice, or something to take the place of rice, many people would go hungry.

You may find it hard to believe that you eat at least some amount of rice every day, or most days but it’s the fact! For instance, if you regularly eat sushi rolls, Chinese food, or curry dishes, chances are that rice is a major component of your meal. Without any doubt, rice is a delicious meal and can be eaten with just about anything including meat, tofu, vegetables, and more! Who wouldn’t want a hot bowl of rice, most especially for a Sunday brunch?

Given that rice is such a common staple, one might likely think if it is good for the body? Does it contribute to a healthier life?

Eating rice is extremely beneficial for your health. It is an integral part of a balanced diet and it doesn’t contain harmful fats, cholesterol or sodium. As a result, there’s a high chance of reducing obesity and other health conditions associated with being overweight through the intake of rice. Even in smaller quantities, it can keep you going, healthy and alive

While a smaller percentage of rice eaters do not know that rice is nutritious to the body, more people are aware of the several benefits of eating rice, but do not know what those benefits are exactly. Below are some of the most common nutritional benefits of eating rice

  1.       Source of energy

Rice is known to contain a lot of carbohydrates that give our bodies the energy we need. Once taken, our bodies work to transform the carbohydrates found in rice into a functional, usable energy. It doesn’t stop there! These healthy carbohydrates found in rice also aids in the normal functioning of the brain as the brain takes it and uses it too.  Other organic components such as minerals, vitamins, etc., found in rice also all aid in increasing the metabolic activity for all of your body’s organs. In doing so, your body has increased energy levels. So are you feeling tired and run down? Grab a bowl of rice!

  1. High Nutritional Value

Rice is also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. This is why it is used worldwide in various cuisines. Its nutritional content varies from calcium to iron, niacin, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, D and E, fiber, iron, thiamine etc., which provides the foundation for digestive and immune system health and general functioning of the system. 

  1. Health Benefits

Having such unique nutritional value, the intake of rice aids in:

  1. Controlling Blood sugar: Consuming rice is a good way to control your blood sugar. The presence of fiber, most especially in brown rice, slows down the absorption of glucose in the body. This slowdown of glucose into the body gives the body’s insulin time to properly disperse the glucose throughout itself. 
  2. Diuretic and Digestive Qualities

Eating rice is a great way to regulate your digestive system. The high fiber content increases bowel movement regularity and reduces constipation while also helping you lose excess water and toxins from the body. With low amounts of sodium, fat, and cholesterol, a healthy plate of rice is also a great step to preventing or reducing obesity. 

  1.       Managing blood pressure

An increase in blood pressure is caused when the veins and arteries constrict, as a result of an increased amount of sodium in the body. Since rice contains a low amount of sodium, it is considered one of the best foods for those suffering from high blood pressure and hypertension as its low-level sodium content would reduce the risks of such stress and strain on the cardiovascular system

  1. Improves Nervous System Health

Rice is the perfect support to your nervous system because it’s an amazing source of a variety of B vitamins. Such vitamins enable our nervous system to run smoothly and function properly. 

  1. Reduce Cancer Risks and promote healthy heart

Eating rice is one of the proactive ways in reducing your chances of getting cancer! Since its high-fiber properties aid in digestion and lowers blood pressure, your system will be free of waste, which might affect any healthy cells within your body.  Due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties,  Rice helps to decrease the risks for severe heart conditions such as heart attacks or strokes.

With all the aforementioned benefits and more, it is without any doubt that including rice in your meal plan is totally worth it for any trying to maintain a well rounded diet


TIME FOR A NEW BATTERY: Telltale signs of a failing battery

You are running late or heading for that important meeting; getting into your car and turning the ignition, your car makes that dreadful “clicking” noise, but you are not giving up on it yet. So you try again and again at bringing the car to life but to no avail.

Having a dead battery is a terrible way of starting a day; worse, getting stranded with such in an unfamiliar place or the middle of NOWHERE can be immensely dangerous.

Unlike your phone and other gadgets, you can’t quite know how much battery you have left in your vehicle until your car begins to malfunction. Usually, a charged battery is supposed to last you through at least three to four years; however, several factors can drain your battery before the expected end of its service life.

Thankfully, before they fail, batteries usually give out a few warning signs to get a replacement battery as soon as you can. These signs are not limited to just the electrical system but can cause various drivability problems. In this post, we’ll cover the most common telltale signs your battery shows when it’s failing so you can act fast or wait until you “get caught out in the cold.”

  • Dim Headlight

Your car battery is a vital source of power for every component of your car. It powers your vehicle’s electrical parts and accessories, from your car’s computer, ignition system, lights, radio, and more; thus, when it fails to generate power because of its weak/dead state, these accessories won’t be able to draw enough energy to function anymore. Take, for instance, your car headlight; if you notice that such lights are going dim or even flickering more frequently than usual, it’s a sign that your battery may be suffering from lack of power.

  • Hard Start 

Similar to your engines, your battery is the lifeblood of your vehicle. A battery is integral in powering all of the electrical components in your ride; it is also needed for starting your engine. We often assume that starting a car is as easy as only turning a key or pressing a button, but it goes way beyond that – it involves your battery doing all the heavy lifting. When you turn on the key, the ignition sends a signal to the battery that kicks off a chemical reaction under the hood of your car. Such response turns into electrical energy that gets the engine cranking and the starter motor running. Without a fully-functioning battery, you’ll be heading nowhere with no lights and nothing playing on the radio. So on a good day, your car usually starts as you turn on the car key in the ignition. However, if the battery is failing, it wouldn’t be able to completely energize the start, which will fail to start the engine. In such cases, a heavy and challenging clicking noise would be heard, confirming the difficulty in charging up.

Note: in such scenarios, most people often jumpstart their cars to bring a dead battery back to life, but only for a short term. It is a tip you can apply when you’re stuck somewhere with a dead battery, but it isn’t a long-term fix and shouldn’t be relied upon for too long!

The battery indicator is lit on your dashboard.

The battery indicator light can mean almost anything, including a signal of your battery’s poor health. You can also visit your car’s manual for insight into your car’s warning light.

More Issues behind the hood:

  • Your battery connectors are corroded

When your battery fails, there’s every likelihood it will be visible. One such sign is the ashy substance on the battery metals, which is a sure sign of corrosion.

  • A rotten smell

The smell in the car could mean a wide range of issues, one of which is a dead battery; as soon as you pop the hood of your car, the smell of rotten eggs is more likely to ooze out.

  • Swollen case

If your battery isn’t rectangular, there’s a problem. When your battery case swells and cracks, chances are high that it isn’t working correctly.

Ideally, when you see these signs, it is recommended that the best time to replace such a battery is at that period before it finally packs up. Why not stop by the nearest QuickLane NG to get a new battery or have your battery tested to see if it’s working at total capacity.




All is now set by the leading automobile dealer in Nigeria, Coscharis Motors Plc, the exclusive distributors of Ford, Renault, Ford Truck and a number of other iconic global automobile brands in the country to attend this years Lagos Motor Fair. The Fair, which is in its 16th edition, will hold from May 30 to June 4, 2022 at the Balmoral Convention Centre, Federal Palace Hotel & Casino, Lagos.
Coscharis Motors will be exhibiting three brands at the motor fair, namely, Ford, Renault and Ford Trucks. While Ford and Renault will feature passenger vehicles including sedan, SUVs and Pick-Up trucks, Ford Trucks will be featuring heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles (HDCV) ranging from Tractor Heads to Dump Trucks, Concrete Mixer and Tippers.
The company promises to delight her numerous customers with special promotional offers across the three brands at the fair. The highpoint of the motor fair will be the unveiling of a new Ford name plate, BRONCO, into the Nigerian market.
According to Abiona Babarinde, the General Manager, Marketing and Corporate Communications, Coscharis Group, “As the exclusive representative of these three brands in Nigeria, we are bringing our showrooms closer to our customers at the fair. Also we are excited to announce that we will be delighting our customers with the many mouth-watering offers we have lined up for them at the motor fair. We are also keen to reveal the latest addition to our Ford brand in Nigeria, the BRONCO.
While at the fair ground, Coscharis Motors will also offer vehicle sales, after sales services, trade-in options and vehicle finance options (in partnership with Coscharis Mobility and some other finance companies) to her customers at the motor fair. This is to deliver a total brand experience to customers and prospects alike when they visit the Coscharis pavilion throughout the duration of the fair.
About Us
Coscharis Motors Plc has the exclusive franchise for Ford, Renault and Ford Truck brands in Nigeria with dedicated sales and service showrooms and workshops in all the six geopolitical zones.

Felix Mahan
Brand Manager
Tel: 08023159925

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Chassis Number- How to find and verify your car chassis number

The first thing that comes to your mind when you buy a new car is probably the model, brand specifications, features, and capacity, among others. No doubt, these details are significant markers of a car, but other significant markers are often overlooked. These include the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), also known as the Chassis Number of your car, and the Engine Number.

These details, which are equally relevant, if not more, might seem unimportant while purchasing a new or a used car. However, these elements are like the DNA of your car, shedding light on the manufacturing and registration details of a car. Not only do they play a critical role during its purchase or sale, but they also aid in buying online car insurance or locating the motor insurance particulars of your car. Since these numbers aren’t in the limelight, they seem pretty challenging to locate and, thus, be ignored.

The VIN is like a unique 17-digit alphanumeric identifier for your car, more like the vehicular equivalent of a thumbprint, exclusively allotted to your car by the manufacturer. These codes distinguish your car from other models and are used by registration authorities to register your car. This code can also be utilized to track your car if it gets stolen.

Your car chassis number reveals essential information about the vehicle, including its year, country of manufacture, its make, engine type, etc. Each number of your car’s 17-digits VIN signifies a critical detail about the vehicle, some of which have been listed below.

  •       The first number of the VIN is the car’s production location
  •       The second and third numbers are the particulars of the car’s producer;
  •       The fourth number is the vehicle’s category, namely car, bike, etc.;
  •       The tenth number is the year in which the car was manufactured;
  •       The last six digits of the VIN: the car’s unique serial number.

Where can the VIN code be found?

There are several parts of your car on which the VIN code is imprinted, and these parts include:

  •       The dashboard on the driver’s side;
  •       Under the hood of the car near the engine;
  •       Beneath the spare wheel in the car’s boot;
  •       Under the front grille of the car;
  •       The driver’s side door.

Keep in mind that different car manufacturing companies often opt for different car parts to imprint the code upon. Thus, you can find your car’s VIN on its body and also find it on the car’s registration certificate as well as the car insurance policy.


Alongside your VIN code is the engine number of your car, which is equally important. Usually, your car Engine Number is found printed on the outer covering or engine casing of the vehicle’s engine. Like the car’s chassis number, the engine number is used for identification purposes, but they are not the same, i.e., they are two different but unique numbers. Often, car manufacturers ensure that the number is visible and easy to locate when you open the hood.

In addition to the engine’s casing, your car’s engine number can be found in the following manner:

  •       The registration certificate of your car
  •       The insurance policy for your car
  •       The car owner’s manual
  •       Contact your car dealership