Cleaning wooden furniture

Wood is quite different from the upholsteries in your home or office space. Quite durable in nature, wooden furniture is often designed with serious staying power and timeless relevance in terms of “aesthetic appeal” – they never go out of style; from tables to chairs, woods are always featured in our homes, farmhouses, business places, office space and often used in exotic locations e.g Royal palace. It’s everywhere.

Due to its nature, most of us find it quite easy to clean unlike the upholsteries – we simply wipe with a duster or piece of clothing when the wood furniture shows signs of dirt or grime on it! Easy, little effort and time saving. However, it might be complicated to clean your wood furniture effectively sometimes. Just like your upholstery, woods are made of diverse types; you could have mid-century modern with a light or dark finish or an option with a more traditional set-up, having great bones. Sometimes, when we try to dust off the grim, we are left with several shiny streaks – this can be frustrating. At other times, we find out that the grime or dirt can’t be removed.

Unlike the Upholsteries, which covers you may wipe with a sponge or wash with a device, there are a number of terms that get tossed around when it comes to wood furniture maintenance. From cleaning to dusting, polishing, waxing; all of which are done to keep the wood spotless and looking its best. Although a lot of people have their diverse opinions on how to clean and care for your wood furniture, the cleaning technique you use depends on the exact piece you own but here are some simple steps to take that are relevant to all types of wooden furniture: 

1. Dusting wooden Furniture

Dust is everywhere, hiding the beauty of everything it lays on. Not only is dust liable to build up a layer of film on your wooden furniture, it could also pose threats to your health via allergies. Most of us are guilty of spreading accumulated dust by using a dry cloth on the surface of the wood when cleaning – however, this scatters the dust in the air where it’ll float before landing back on the surfaces you just cleaned. The proper way to dust is to capture the dust in one place then you dampen a piece of clothing, using it to wipe it down!

2. Wiping Down Wooden Furniture

Avoid cleaning your wooden furniture with water, especially if such wood has a plastic coating. However, you can wipe out sticky spots on the wood with soap and water – this doesn’t mean you wash like you do with cloth covers. Simply soak a piece of cloth in water mixed with mild detergent, squeeze to near dryness then wipe the affected area on your wooden furniture. After that, rinse and dry with another (dry) soft cloth.

3. Polishing Wooden Furniture

With an ABRO Furniture Polish, you give your wooden furniture a protective layer that protects your wood when exposed to a certain temperature. Avoid using olive oil because oily polish would leave your surface more slippery, making it more liable to attract more dust.  

** If you find mould of fungi on your wooden furniture, you should do this:

  1. Use the soft brush attachment in your vacuum cleaner to pick up bacteria.
  2. Dip a cloth in water mixed with detergent; wring such cloth to nearly dry, then wipe the area
  3. Rinse and immediately dry with a soft, clean cloth

These three basic steps and their implementation techniques are key in ensuring  you are able to prolong the life of wooden furniture in your homes and offices whilst ensuring you maintain a healthy living.


Happy cleaning…

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