The benefit of using starch on clothes is to give them a crisp and clean appearance. Spray starch is usually applied during the ironing process, which is easier. However, a downside to regular starch usage is that it reduces clothing life by breaking down the fabric. Two fabrics are not advisable to use Spray starch on

  • Silk: Avoid spray starch as it can result in a starch spot on the fabric and make it unnaturally hard.
  • Linen: Avoid using starch as it can make the fabric unnecessarily hard.

However, Spray Starch works better with cotton and cotton blend fabrics. Let’s delve into clothes Spray Starch works best for.

  • Dress Pants: Crease is visible down the middle of both legs. Spray Starch helps maintain the crease over time. Spray the starch on the crease, let it absorb into the fabric and iron in medium heat.
  • Dress Shirts: If you notice, the dress shirt collar loses its shape over time due to laundering. But, this is where the Spray Starch works best to prevent the collar from falling flat.



  • Always make sure your cloth is clean before application of Spray starch
  • Iron the fabric on medium heat to seal the starch into the material.
  • Avoid using Spray starch regularly and use a minimal quantity
  • Spray Starch works best with cotton and cotton blend materials.


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