Effective ways to clean your couch

It’s movie night, popcorn in one hand and a drink in the other one. The tension gets intense, and you hurriedly try to sip from your glass but it spills onto the couch. This isn’t time for cleaning, so you dab with a piece of clothing and resume your screen time. 


There’s no denying; we are all guilty of this and are likely to do better if we had some handy couch cleaning tricks we could rely on whenever we have an “accident” whilst using our couch. Across all the household fittings, your couch is probably the most used. 


Relatively big and comfortable, your couch gets a lot of action every day; from eating, to sleeping, to some “Netflix and chill’; all of which may leave stains or make it a little colony of crumbs, attracting household insects. No doubt, this big comfy furniture is a household go-to item, but can it count on you to clean up after it’s done supporting you through the good and bad days? 

Cleaning your sofa might look like a lot of trouble since you can’t just toss it into the water, wash and call it a day. However, you can give your couch the cleaning it truly deserves by learning these effective couch cleaning tricks.


Trick One: Always begin by vacuuming the Couch


The number one thing to do when you want to clean your couch is to use your vacuum cleaner on it – Yeah! You heard right. Take out time to vacuum the entire couch thoroughly; this will enable you to remove leftover crumbs, dust, lint, dirt, and hair/fur, especially if you have a pet. 


Trick Two: Wipe Couch down thoroughly


To effectively wipe out the stains and dirt, all you have to do is to soak a sponge into the water with a small amount of detergent, squeeze and make it slightly damp so the liquid doesn’t flow entirely into the furniture. After that, you wipe your cushion cover with the sponge. Then follow this by giving your cushion cover a quick revival with scents from a trusted air freshener. We recommend tropical scents for cloth-based furniture in living areas. 


Trick Three: Wash the Couch covers consistently


If you are going with the second option of washing, then you’ll have to find out if the couch cover materials can be washed in your washing machine. This is because couch covers are made with different materials, some might be of cotton nature while others may not. So, if you persist in using such a device to wash it, it could get damaged. If the texture of the covers is washable, then you unzip your cover and insert it in cold/lukewarm water mixed with a no-dye detergent to protect your colors. After this, wash at a low heat level, to prevent shrinking; thereafter, you dry in the drier for the shortest duration possible. However, if the cover isn’t washable, then we recommend you go back to the first option: scrub it with your sponge and spray with an ABRO Air freshener.


Trick Four: Drying and Scent Management


Do not dry your covers all the way; slightly damp is best for inserting foam into casings easily. You can then air dry while on the couch with a spray of the ABRO organic air fresheners. Remember to let your couch covers dry out completely before anyone jumps back on them.


Learning from the couch tricks above will help save time and effort in maintenance at home or work. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and give that couch the cleaning it truly deserves!


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