It’s a normal day; the hustle has begun, and traffic builds up. You’re driving down the highway, minding your own business, when suddenly, something smashes into your windshield, directly in your line of sight – Whack! You didn’t see what caused it, but as your heartbeat returns to normal, you are faced with a new reality

Having a cracked windshield will disfigure your car. The big question here is, what can you do when your car’s windshield gets cracked? Would you be without your car for a day or two while dealing with the glass shop, or would you deal with it yourself.

A cracked windshield is like a cracked mirror or phone screen – it isn’t pretty, neither is it usable and if proper caution isn’t taken, such cracks could lead to the replacement of the entire windshield. Cracks in the windshield are the most common maintenance issues people have with their car. There are several ways your car’s glass can get a crack – it could be a deliberate or accidental action caused by all manner of debris, nuts, rocks, bolts, or birds flying up from the road. Also, the crack level varies from tiny chips to larger cracks, making it difficult for you to continue driving your car.

Thus, this article is a knowledge giveaway on what to do and how to handle the crack on the windshield! The first step to handling your windshield crack is to measure and determine the extent of your windshield damage. As stated earlier, there are small and large cracks, so you should identify the extent of the damage done. This is important as it ascertains your next step.

If the crack on your windshield is less than three inches, then there are a couple of solutions that would save you from replacing the windshield. The solutions fall under two categories in the instance where the crack is within a three-inch frame. You can stop the crack from spreading further into the glass by following any of the steps below:

  1. Apply ABROs Flowable Silicon Sealant onto the affected areas of the glass.
  2. Use a windshield repair kit according to the manufacturer’s instructions: If you attempt to use a repair kit on damage more extensive than recommended, it might result in a compromised windshield. With a compromised windshield, you wouldn’t be comfortable driving since your line of sight when driving will be disturbed.
  3. Limit parking your car directly under sunlight exposure – Although this cannot be avoided entirely, you can limit the number of times it is parked under the sun

Regardless of how small the crack is, you should take immediate action on your windshield cracks to avoid the build-up of dirt in the crack, which will make it quite challenging to work on it.

However, if it’s more than 3 inches, then the damage is substantial such that the location of the crack tends to affect your vision while driving. Therefore, it needs a professional repair or a complete replacement.

In such an instance, it’s recommended that you talk to a rep at any of our Quick Lane branches for solutions or glass specialists that repair cracked windshields with chemical processes. If you go with a repair option, such action tends to almost wholly take away the crack on your glass, and it feels like magic because it is glass.

If a repair isn’t possible, this calls for a replacement. In this instance, such damages occur during collisions or deliberate shield smashing; making a windshield replacement is the last resort. Professionals only do replacements because of the technicalities involved in removing and calibrating several sensors attached to car windshields. In this instance, please do not attempt to do it yourself to avoid the glass from crushing or cutting into your skin.

After a repair or replacement is done, kindly inspect the interior part of the car by spraying a large volume of water on the glass from every angle. By doing this, you’ll ensure that there are no holes in the windshield.



Driving with a cracked windshield isn’t safe nor is it attractive. You should give your car the immediate attention it needs; you either stop the crack yourself or meet a professional so you can make the most of your driving!


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