How to select scents for different parts of the home

The world has gone way past the era of just using fragrances in your home when you have guests or using them simply as a way to fight off bad odours. Scents are now as much a part of the decor of a home as nice wallpapers and fancy tapestries. Your home not only has to look expensive, but it also has to smell expensive too. The sense of smell is one of the strongest senses. According to a study found in the Harvard Gazette, because the olfactory bulb, the portion of the brain which recognizes odours, is housed in the limbic system, scent can affect one’s mood. Emotions and memories are also housed in the limbic system. Smells deliver relevant signals from the olfactory bulb to the brain’s emotion and memory centres.  This is also why, once you smell a flavour and aroma, it can suddenly transport you back to a favourite pastime. Specific scents could also give a person more energy or help them relax. This tells us quality scent in the home can help leave a lasting impression on your guests. Also, having your home smelling nice can help you de-stress and help liven your mood,  increase the quality of sleep, and productivity levels.


Now We’ve established that scents are good for the home and liven it up,  let’s discuss what type of scents are most suitable for different areas of the home. You may be wondering; “Why  can’t I just use one scent for the whole house?” This would not be ideal because different rooms in the home have different functions and those functions dictate the best scents to use in them. 


Here is a breakdown of some of the scents you can use for different rooms in your home.



Strawberry is a sweet and luscious scent that can be used in the bedroom, the strawberry scent is said to have calming properties that can help alleviate depression. Lavender and other sweet floral flavours are perfect for the bedroom because they are relaxing and refreshing.  According to scientific research, lavender is the most well-known and widely researched fragrance which has proven useful for reducing blood pressure and improving the heart rate to help you fall asleep better and keep you relaxed throughout the night. Use a fragrance with whiffs of rose, orange, and vanilla to promote sensuality as well.


The kitchen is where a lot of the heavy lifting gets done in the home. Hours on end may be spent in the kitchen cooking up different meals hence based on the Aroma’s generated it is usually advisable to use Citrus-based scents such as lemon, lime, grapefruit, and tangerine that are cheery and fresh. With the added benefit of masking unpleasant odours.


Choosing flavourful or sugary scents will clash with the smells produced from the food and seasons in the kitchen and create an unpleasant mix that just might spoil your appetite. Placing herbs in the kitchen, like rosemary, is also a smart option because they can be used in cooking and have a pleasant scent.

Bath Room

A blend of sweet, floral scents such as jasmine, grapefruit, bergamot, orange, mandarin, and lime will work wonders for bathrooms. These scents will keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean, as well as mask and lock in unpleasant odors. Other suitable scents are oceanic, breezy, earthy scents, vibrant herbal blends, and tropical fruit fragrances.

Living Room

For your living room, you can use any scent that you feel suits your personality. Breezy, tropical, sweet, earthy, oud, anything works as long as it’s a smell you are comfortable with. You may choose to use a scent that reminds you of a memory or a person or you can use strong scents that can make a lasting impression on guests. You may even decide to mix up different scents to create your unique blend. Fruity scents such as green apple, grapefruit, and pomegranate are sweet and relaxing. While richer and deeper scents like amber, ginger, blackberry, and almond can make your living room feel warm and welcoming.


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